G.W. Adams Staff


George J. Adams

George is adescendant of George Willison Adams, the builder of Prospect Place.  He is a 1985 graduate of Tri-Valley High School and grew up in Dresden. He is a Veteran of the United States Air Force and the First Gulf War. George holds a B.A. in computer programming and website design.  In December, 2000, an idea was tossed about over the dinner table betweenGeorge and his mother (Sally Ann Adams-Vandenbark) about purchasing theold mansion.  He looked into this by sending a letter to theLongaberger Company asking their intentions toward the old home.

Dave Longaberger hadpurchased the homestead from the Cox Family.  The Cox Gravel Companyhad the home in their possession and agreed to sell it to"Popeye" Dave Longaberger, himself a distant relative, forrestoration.  Dave had a new roof put on the mansion and started somedemolition on the inside. Unfortunately, Dave becameseriously ill with cancer and passed away before any more could be done. Tami Longaberger commented on June 19th, 2001, that;  "it wasalmost as if Dad had been preserving the old house for someone." 

The LongabergerCompany had no plans for the property at the time they were contacted byGeorge and were enthusiastic about the idea of selling the house to amember of the family that built it.  A young man with a vision forthe house and the energy to recreate a wondrous home.  George isgrateful to all involved in making this happen. 


Phelix is a retiredphysician from the Philadelphia area.  He retired to Ohio to helpsupport the restoration of the mansion. 

Monicaand Mike Willey

Monica is a teacherat the Zanesville School District (6th grade) and is our historicalinterpreter and tour guide.  She has proven reliable and helpful inall regards to the project.  Her "networking" abilities aretruly amazing and a great asset to us.  Mike Willey, Monica's husbandand himself an educator is also receiving an education in old homerestoration and lifting heavy things by volunteering his time and efforton the weekends to the project.  By the time he is done Mike will beready for that beloved house of his own which we know he and Monica willsomeday acquire.


Kirk Pemberton is aclose friend of George and has a strong background in Archeology.  Heis closely related a to Confederate General, JohnC. Pemberton, and distantly related to the inventor of Coke-a-Cola. Although his ancestor was on the side of the Confederacy in the Civil War,Kirk is an advocate of freedom and equality for all people.


Connie is a long timeemployee of the City of Zanesville, working closely with the Mayor'sOffice there.  She is also the regional coordinator for the Salt ForkRegion of the Friends of Freedom Society/Ohio Underground RailroadAssociation.  She also takes part in many other acitities and groupsconcerned with the preservation and restoration of historic sites in ourarea.


Heather is our staff paranormalinvestigator and tour guide.  She has studied the paranormal for manyyears and has recently joined the team as staff tour guide as well.