Prospect place Dresden

Prospect Place Dresden, Ohio

Prospect Place is the 29 room mansion built by abolitionist George Willison Adams at Dresden, Ohio, in 1856. It is the home of the non profit G. W. Adams Educational Center, Inc. We are located in the Village of Trinway, Ohio, just 1/2 mile north of Dresden.

Prospect Place mansion as it appeared in 1866 (left) and today 2005 (right).

Mansion details:

Builder: George Willison Adams
Date: 1856 - 1857
Style: Greek Revival / Italianate
Square Footage: 9500 sq/ft
Ceiling Height: Main House - 14 feet / Servants Wing - 12 feet


On June 27, 2005, the G. W. Adams Educational Center, Inc., formally took possession of the deed to the Prospect Place mansion. This will allow the non-profit center to accept donations and apply for "brick and mortar" grants for the continued restoration of the property. The staff would like to thank Phelix Specter, The Longaberger Company and Phil Phillips, Esq., for their assistance and support in making this possible!

The Board of Directors of the G. W. Adams Educational Center, Inc., are:

Phelix Specter, George Adams, Lester Little, James Lepi and Kay Agin.

The mansion is listed on the National Park Service "National Register of Historic Places" and the Ohio Underground Railroad Association's list of Underground Railroad sites. We proudly display the "Friends of Freedom Society" marker flag in the window of the library.

Activities within the mansion are administrated by the "G. W. Adams Educational Center", a non-profit educational organization dedicated to making the public aware of the great historic significance of the house and the people who lived there as well as the time in which it was built.


"Prospect Place" was the home of the George Willison Adams family of Dresden, Ohio, in the 19th & 20th centuries. This structure is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is currently in the process of being restored.  In the 1850s and 1860s the house was a station on the "Underground Railroad". Although a few fine homes remain in Dresden from this era, Prospect Place is the last remaining Dresden area mansion (There were five: Prospect Place; River Dale; Mulberry Grove; Maple Hollow and Elm Grove), the others have met the fate of time and neglect and are no more. These were the homes of the "Lords of the Valley", men of great influence and wealth who helped tame a new land and create a community. We are restoring this home as a memorial to times gone by and to give the Dresden area back a piece of an ever-vanishing history.

The house was purchased from the Longaberger Company of Newark, Ohio. We would like to express our gratitude and thanks for all of their help in obtaining this property and especially to Tami and Rachel Longaberger, also Bob Ziegler and his assistant Joyce. Special gratitude is expressed to the late Dave Longaberger who had a vision like ours for the house and who saved it by placing a new roof on the house in the late 1980s.

A period newspaper illustration of a fugitive being processed through an Underground Railroad "station".

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